Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Haunted Treasure

It's not that the Loneliness was present, 
in full bloom blast like the dying tree in the distance…

It was the Haunting silence after a solitary car 
swooshes by and nothing echoes for miles, 
just my heart beating rhythmically, 
the only familiar sound to keep me company.

I spend all my waking hours day dreaming 
and the excitement to be free to Adventure 
is almost too much to contain. 
Packing, preparing and finally getting behind the wheel, 
shuffling through my music selection 
for the perfect road trip soundtrack….

Wishing beyond hope this will somehow 
take me away from my mortal and impermanent life, 
my loneliness and the vast emptiness 
I sometimes feel (and never speak of).

And in one quick moment, it's captured right there. 
Encapsulated in a single, beautiful image I never knew 
I would come face to face with.

A Mirror. And what lay hidden all along.

The Buried Treasure I had forgotten long ago, 
waiting to be uncovered, to once more see the Light of Day.